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Convert Digital Manual To PDF

With the current trend in the world to proceed more and more to digital information airlines and airplane manufacturers couldn't stay behind

Airbus developed an (windows) application which was fullfilling to this demand, however the application was caught up by the developments in the digital world and is not compatable with all the devices used by the pilot community (ie Mac, Tablets and Smartphones)

SandCastle developed an application which transforms this digital information into the well supported PDF format, which provides subscribed pilots easier means of studying the necessary material for a safe execution of a flight.

In future releases the documentation will also contain an change notification document, which enhances the awareness of the subscribed pilots.

eData RiskAnalysis

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Alkmaar 750 years

digital management

Being able to find your portrait on the basis of a code in the Panorama between 30,000 other photos requires good organization on a digital level.

Not only we are proud about the Panorama itself, the portraits back but also on the corresponding website (no longer online). As for the "digital management" the company Iconum was enquired.

The 30,442 digital photos in total are converted to the appropriate dimensions for use in the Panorama and the website. The district, date and exact time of each image are stored in a database and generated a unique code. The software developed by us was able to determine the best way to divide the pictures, taking into account the darkness, saturation and other properties of the images.

When people visited the website they were able to find their picture within the Panorama by entering the code they received when their picture was taken....