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Privacy Statement

SandCastle Development developed a tool to convert the company provided digital Manuals in PDF format and is offering these documents to subscribers.

To identify subscribers we need to collect private data like, staffnumber, firstname, lastname and email. The data can be used by SandCastle to keep past, current and possible future customers informed about updates about the (future) products or other information deemed necessary by SandCastle.

This information will not be shared, offered and/or sold to third parties, unless written prior permission has been given by the person involved.

When do we need to share private information:

  • Getting approval to subscribe for paid services with 3rd party creditcard companies.
  • A person and/or company violated the Service Agreement and SandCastle need to contact, identify or bring legal actions against this entity.

Notification of Changes

Should SandCastle decide to change this privacy policy, all users will be notified through mail. If a user doesn't agree with the changes he can choose to indicate that the information is used in accordance with the privacy policy under which the information was gathered, or indicate to end his subscription to the services according our refund policy.

Ending Subscription

If the Subscriber fails to comply with the Service Agreement, SandCastle, in its sole discretion, may end the use of the service.